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I am an Australian occupational therapist, educator and researcher. I have worked as an OT in mental health, vocational rehabilitation and a private surgical hospital. I am passionate using online technology to enhance the knowledge and growth of the occupational therapy profession. In my PhD research I am looking at the role of online technologies in information management and knowledge transfer in occupational therapy. Views expressed and stories shared on this blog are my opinion and do not represent views of my employer or professional registration body.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Health 2.0 Advisors

This is a new website called Health 2.0 Advisors. The description on the front page of the website is as follows:
Health 2.0 is a rapidly developing and powerful approach that uses the Web to collect, refine and share information. It is transforming how patients, professionals and organizations interact with each other and the larger healthcare system.

The foundation of Health 2.0 is information exchange plus technology. It employs user-generated content, social networks and decision support tools to address the problems of inaccessible, fragmentary or unusable healthcare information.

Health 2.0 connects users to new kinds of information, fundamentally changing the consumer experience (e.g., buying insurance or deciding on/managing treatment), clinical decision-making (e.g., risk identification or use of best practices) and business processes (e.g., supply-chain management, business analytics).

Understanding Health 2.0 has become mission-essential.
Health 2.0 Advisors helps clients critically evaluate Health 2.0's continuing evolution and the ways its tools and processes can maximize value in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Here is the link to their list of publications page.


Medpedia is a new health information wiki which is contributed to by medical professionals only. The supporting Universities include Harvard, Stanford, Berkley and Michigan. This will be a step up from Wikipedia for serious medical information.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Do you love iGoogle?

For a year or so now I have been using iGoogle as my home page. It keeps me grounded... the weather for Canada and Australia, France and China (there are some real contrasts there!), the top news stories for my favourite places, my Gmail account and a Facebook app, a special tab to house all the blogs I subscribe to and so on. In my cyber travels tonight I've been visiting the links posted by US College students about the Google Apps they love. I love this one a lot!

Using Google Calendar to coordinate your life at work, home, community

I use Google Calendar to sync my work and family commitments. I stumbled across this link tonight and thought it would be good to include in my blog. This entry in Google Student Blog shows quickly how you can use Google Calendar (G-Cal) with your work or student team.

To see a list of Google Applications (apps) being used in US colleges and Universities visit this link.

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