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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shape Writer iPhone App

Ricky Buchanan founder and main writer for ATMac writes about "ShapeWriter" for typing on an iPhone or iPod without lifting your fingers. This app uses smart prediction to anticipate what you want to type.

Visit ShapeWriter - iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Typing Without Lifting Your Finger for the full story!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smart underpants share how you're feeling

Thanks Joan G for this! In this article by Matt Hickey you can learn about high tech undies!

Matt writes: "underwear that have sensors built into the waistband to sense blood pressure, heart rate, and other biological markers... underwear that relays biometric data nonstop, allowing medical teams to better and more quickly treat the wounded. But the military is just the start. If found practical, the new sensors (and comfy, comfy underpants) might end up in hospitals as a new way to track patients' progress with less invasive sensors than those used now."

Joan was wondering if perhaps they could also build a version with hip protectors!

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