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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Motorcyle riding with paraplegia

Thanks Anna for sending me this link, it is a great example of getting around impairment and limitation to get on with doing what you love doing!


Anonymous said...

Anita - I love this video! This is a very valuable video in that it demonstrates where occupational therapists can facilitate client's leisure activities, it provides hope to clients and therapists ("if there is a will, there is a way"), and also stimulates creativity in clients and therapists in creating new devices to achieve occupational goals. I worked with a client prior to being an OT student who had a spinal cord injury and he had continued riding his motorcycle as well. Let's just say this video 'hit home'. Thanks for posting it!
- Kara

Anita Hamilton said...

Hi Kara, yes it is an inspiring video. He didn't need an OT either! He is simply determined and intelligent and resourceful! I see on the YouTube site that he has inspired many others!

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