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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Am I slow? I've discovered today which is a social bookmarking tool. This tool enables people to bookmark websites in the same way you would on your own computer but it is stored on the web, meaning that it can be used when you away from your own computer and it can be shared with others. Yep, more networking!

How does it work?
Sign up to so that you can use this tool. After you join up you can bookmark your favourite sites. When you find a new website that you want to access again in the future tag it in with key words that describe it's content. Your tags can be shared with others who are looking for similar sites or topics. Here's an instructional video.

The best thing is, if you are involved in a group who are interested in the same topic area you can share the load by sharing your bookmarks!


Merrolee said... it sure is the best think since sliced break Anita.. I totally agree! Look forward to seeing more entries on your blog as well!

Anita said...

Thanks Merrolee, I enjoyed learning from your bookmarked items... I found out that you have a vast range of interests!

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