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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Web 2.0 in OT education and beyond

When I started using web 2.0 technology a few years back it was always within the univeristy setting and I felt a bit scared to "put myself out there" in the real cyber-world. I was too scared to find out what I didn't know, rather than celebrate what I was learning.

Merolee Penman at Otago Polytechnic in NZ was a person I connected with early in this phase and among other things Merolee has a great blog addressing the topic of Web 2.0 technology in OT education and beyond, here's the link. From Merolee's Blog there are some great links such as On the run, Re-Engineering Assessment Practices in Scottish Higher Education (REAP), Housing OT and the Salford Occupational Therapy Blog. Just to name a few.

I'm sensing that the use of technology in neurological rehab is far more advanced than in the areas of psychosocial rehabilitation. As usual, the more I dig the more I find there are amazing people out there doing incredible work. Just today I came across the work of Albert "Skip" Rizzo in the area of virtual technology and neurological and behavioural rehabilitation.

The use of virtual technology in psychosocial rehabilitation would be a good area for OT to branch into, it is just emerging in the area of Second Life. A colleague at the UofA is very interested in this area through his PhD research, so I'm hoping he'll visit this Blog and give us more information on this ;-)

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