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Thursday, March 13, 2008

More on Personal Learning Environments

I'm becoming a bit confused about which Personal/Online Learning Environment is better and why. So, of course I "Googled it" (yes that is now a verb: To Google)and found this Blog which looked at Moodle, Drupal and elgg. As this Blog post is now almost 2 years old (gosh I'm behind!) I wonder what's the latest in comparing these applications? What other similar applications are there?

Are you using a personal or online learning environment to organize your virtual world and connect your communities? Which one(s) and why?

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Merrolee said...

HI Anita
Great question - but to add to the challenge or confusion - is a PLE one place (eg Moodle or Drupal)... or is it how you pull it together. I have used in the past (and have just got a bit disorganised and lazy) igoogle - so its my own personal space and I link in blogs, bloglines, could have my twitter running in there, have notes to myself, have my own blog running, have searches for blogs etc. In other words I use iGoogle like my personal learning environment desktop. All the information feeds into one place and I decide where and how to use it.. just like my desk at home....

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